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What is a Caregiver Registry?

By definition, a Caregiver Registry is an organization that prequalifies, establishes and maintains a roster of qualified private contractor caregivers that is provided to a client or the client's representative for consideration in the hiring of an individual to provide caregiver services within the client's place of residence. A Caregiver Registry obtains and maintains licensure through the Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division.

Willamette Valley Caregivers selects and refers top-notch caregivers to you in the Willamette Valley area, based on your needs and location. Every caregiver on our registry is checked and vetted by our rigorous standards. Because these caregivers earn the equivalent of about 85% of the total fee that you pay, we are able to attract and retain them. These caregivers are committed to creating a relationship with your loved one, establishing comfort and trust.

Hiring a private caregiver through Willamette Valley Caregivers certainly is in the best interest of everyone involved. We handle all the details and are here to serve you!

How does Willamette Valley Caregivers set itself apart from other Home Care Agencies?

It's all about the details! We have a very thorough intake process in which our owners get personal and direct to best understand the needs and wishes of our senior clients and their families. We go beyond to understand the whole person and their background to allow us to best match them to the right caregiver!

Relationships are Key! Home Care services are very personalized through our agency. Our clients are never just a number - they are a priority from the very first meeting, and we ensure they are matched with caregivers who are trusted, qualified, and experienced. The foundation of Willamette Valley Caregivers is to offer our clients the most affordable option while also placing the upmost importance on the caregiver, client and family relationships.

In addition to the relationships we develop with our clients - the relationships we develop with our caregivers are just as important! We want to understand how to best serve the caregivers we work with by knowing what clients would be a great fit for them, hours they desire to work and the pay they request. We take the time to learn about the caring person who has chosen to be a part of our agency.

Willamette Valley Caregivers works for both the client and the caregiver. We seek to provide the best of services to both parties to create the best outcome.

Call us today at 503-874-4199 to learn more!!

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