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Tips for Helping Homebound Seniors Stay Active

Up to 3.6 million people over the age of 65 in the US are considered to be homebound. Between the isolation of being at home and the challenges of their illnesses, these homebound seniors often have trouble staying active.

Staying active is crucial for homebound seniors to live a healthy, high quality life. Use these tips to help stay active:

  • Find exercises they can do at home. Physical activity is a natural form of stress relief. It also helps seniors stay flexible, fit, and healthy. Some examples of exercise that can be done at home include: stretching, seated strength training, aerobic exercise, and yoga.

  • Help Seniors to enjoy a New Hobby. Trying something new can help seniors to stay sharp and active. Activities like knitting, reading, woodworking, painting, cooking and scrapbooking are great choices.

  • Set Seniors up in Online Communities. There are many ways for seniors to connect with others online. Online communities, chat rooms, and digital games allow seniors to socialize without leaving home.

  • Play Games Regularly. If seniors have favorite board or card games, make time to play on a regular basis.

  • Encourage visitors. Socializing doesn’t require going out - use Zoom or Skype to catch up with friends or loved ones.

  • Taking Care of their Place. For those seniors that are still able to perform some maintenance, cleaning or decorating - encourage them to keep it up. These sort of activities can help seniors stay active and take pride in their home.

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